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5 Esmond Street

Emerald, QLD, 4720 


Tel: 07 4982 0777

Fax: 07 4982 0700
We are located on the Great Inland Way (just off the Gregory Highway) in Emerald, which is part of the sandstone wilderness area of Central Queensland.
Emerald is a large, modern country town that was established in 1879 as a base for the building of the western railway. The town is named after 'Emerald Downs Hill', a lush emerald green hill located just north of town. Emerald is now considered the hub for the Central Highlands and the gateway to the Sapphire Gemfields: the largest, and one of the richest sapphire fields in the southern hemisphere.
 The construction of Fairbairn Dam and the Emerald Irrigation Scheme allowed for the significant development and expansion of agriculture across the region. The dam construction, and its associated Lake Maraboon, also initiated large-scale coal mining within the Bowen Basin in 1977, which at present, produces a significant proportion of Queensland's total coal exports.
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